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Dancing Videos
Dance videos from YouTube

Bei mir bist do schoen - Lindy Hop routine

West Coast Swing meets Lindy Hop - both dances by top Lindy Hop lead with top West Coast follow

Rumba with Slavik Kryklyvyy & Karina Smirnoff

Quickstep with Marcus & Karen Hilton

Marcus & Karen Hilton Waltz Showdance

Pablo Inza and Moira Castellano Tango to Poema

Fun Lindy Hop/Hip Hop parody - with great dancing

Basic Balboa Demo

Older folks can really swing!
Dean Collins Lindy Hoppers 1983 - The legendary influential swing dancer Dean Collins leads a group routine to a great live version of one of my favorite big band swing song, Things Ain't What They Used to Be. Dean, in the center, was 66 at the time. See him dance in numerous movies of the 40s.

Fred Astaire dances to "In the Mood", sort of.

2007 U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships West Coast Swing Jack & Jill winners

Tango from 1998 movie "Tango"

2007 US Open Swing Dance Championships Classic West Coast Swing division winners

Balboa from All Balboa Weekend

2007 Finnish Championships - slow Lindy Hop
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  Local Dance Associations

Ballroom Dance Bozeman

Evenings of ballroom, latin, country, tango, and swing dancing for singles and couples of all ages through out the year.

Ballroom Dance Bozeman website

MSU Swing Cats

Student run swing dancing club at MSU.

Swing Cats website

Bozeman Swing

Lindy Hop and Balboa Dancing Club

Bozeman Swing website

Bozeman Folklore Society

Contra Dancing, International Folk & Scottish Country Dancing

Bozeman Folklore Society website

Regional Dance Associations

Yellowstone Ballroom Dance Club

Ballroom, latin, tango, and swing dancing in Billings.

Yellowstone Formal Dance Club website


Promoting Argentine Tango dancing through Argentine Tango dances, dance instruction, and other related activities

TangoHelena website

We Love to Dance Club

Promoting dances and dancing in Helena.

Visit the website at HelenaDancing.com

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